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How to choose contact lens care solution and precautions 
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How to choose contact lens care solution and precautions  

Antibacterial cleaning solution


The main components of contact lens care solution are sodium chloride and preservatives, which are mainly used for cleaning, disinfection, and protein removal of biomaterials. It is undoubtedly indispensable for people who wear contact lenses. However, some consumers reported adverse reactions such as eye redness and discomfort after wearing contact lenses. The main reason is that the wearer has some misunderstandings in the use of contact lens care solution. Thus, the health supervision agency reminds consumers that they should purchase and use contact lens care solutions correctly.




Pour car solution on contact lenses for rubbing and soaking


According to the relevant regulations of the "Disinfection Management Measures", contact lens care solution is a disinfection product, and the manufacturer must obtain the "Sanitary Product Manufacturing Enterprise Sanitation License" before production and sales, and the hygienic quality of the product can be guaranteed then. Therefore, consumers should buy products that have a sanitary license.




Before purchasing, be sure to check the following content on the product label:


1. Product name;


2. Type and specifications - contact lens care solution;


3. Manufacturer name;


4. The sanitary license #;


5. Method and scope of use;


6. Precautions;


7. Production date and shelf life.


Secondly, you should check out the function of contact lens care solution in detail when you buy it.


Why use a care solution


The contact lens care solution is used by the consumer every day. The deposits and pathogenic bacteria on the lens surface must be removed with the care solution first, so that the subsequent sterilization and preservation can be done effectively. Because the surface of the lens is not completely cleaned, there is residual deposit. If directly sterilizing, the sterilizing ingredients will only work with the sediment, not pathogenic bacteria. As a result, the sterilizing ingredients will not work properly.


The correct way to clean the lens


Studies have found that a complete and correct cleaning method can remove the deposits on the lens surface and kill 90% of pathogenic bacteria. However, in actual use, many users just do simple cleaning and do not rub it with their fingers. This is wrong. The most effective way to clean contact lenses by rubbing the lenses with figures is to use "your own hands", "lens cleaning solution", and "contact lens-specific, single-use saline solution". The correct method is to drop the lens cleaning solution on the lens, and rub the lens back and forth directly with fingers. After rubbing, the lens should be rinsed repeatedly with normal saline, and finally, the lens should be fully moistened with normal saline. After this entire cleaning process is completed, sterilization can be proceeded.


  Steps for usage


1. Wash your hands with soap or hand lotion, and then remove the contact lenses. People who have make-up should take out lenses before removing makeup, wash their hands first, then remove contact lenses, followed by removing eye makeup.


2. Put the lens on the palm of your hand, drop a few drops of lens cleaning solution, put your finger against the lens, and use 20-30 seconds to gently scrub the lens back and forth on the palm of your hand. (The circle-shaped scrubbing is easy to wear out the lens.)


3. Rinse the lenses with "contact lens-specific, single-use" saline solution until the lenses are completely clean.


4. After making sure that the lenses are clean, use the "contact lens-specific, single-pack" physiological saline to fully moisturize the lenses, followed by sterilization and storage.


Contact lenses meet the requirements of beauty and convenience for many myopic patients. But some contact lens wearers have misunderstandings in their use. Some contact lens wearers drop the solution directly into their eye and believe that it not only keeps the eye moisture, but also has a germicidal effect. It may cause certain eye diseases instead of relieving symptoms. Eye drops need to have a pH value, osmotic pressure and ion concentration that are very close to physiological tears, and also contain antibiotics to achieve therapeutic effects while foreign object is not felt. Actually, dropping care solution into the eyes not only can not eliminate eye bacteria, but also cause damage to the eyes. Lens care solution contains preservatives and dropping it into the eyes will destroy their physiological environment and cause eye diseases. Furthermore, although the care solution contains bactericidal ingredients, its effect is very weak. Long-term use can increase the drug tolerance of some bacteria and delay the best treatment time for eye diseases.


How to choose a care solution? Four suggestions as below.


Appropriate understanding function


In Chinese market, almost all contact lens care solutions are multi-functional care solutions. The multi-functional care solution mentioned here refers to the independent care for the early steps of cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, lubrication, etc., which can be completed at one time. The most basic and most important needs of lens care are the four functions of disinfection, cleaning, protein removal, and moisturizing. Some of products in the market, in addition to these basic functions, have many other functions. For the effects of various ingredients in the care solution, it is recommended to understand it with science and rational. Inappropriate ingredients can affect the basic function of lens care solution and the final lens care purpose.


Choose mild and non-irritating lens care solution


When buying a care solution, you should not only look at the bactericidal ability, but also whether it is mild and not irritating to the eyes. Some consumers have a misunderstanding and mistakenly believe that the stronger the bactericidal ability of the care solution, the better. It is recommended to maintain a certain balance. While having sterilization, it should be also gentle and non-irritating to the eyes. The non-irritating eye care solution will keep the eye cells in a healthy environment to have healthy eye.


Watch out the expiration date of the product


It is recommended that consumers pay attention to the production date of the product when choosing a care solution. Generally, the validity period of the care solution is two years after the production date. Once the bottle is opened, it is generally used within four months. It is necessary to pay attention to the validity period of the care solution at least greater than your application time. If the product is outside the expiration date, or the bottle is opened for too long, the disinfection ability of the product will decrease, which may affect eye health.


Don't just focus on no-rubbing


Consumers should go to regular optical shops or pharmacies to buy care solution. Before using the care solution, you should also read the instructions carefully, especially pay attention to the soaking time of the lenses, pay attention to eye hygiene and personal cleaning, and follow the correct lens wearing and care steps so that you can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses.


Many care solutions in the market are marked with the function of no rubbing. The concept of no rubbing is aimed at the function of sterilization. It does not mean that you can take off the lenses and put them in lens case directly. Instead, wash your hands first, take out lenses and rinse them vigorously with lens care solution. After that lenses are put into the case for shaking and soaking to complete the care process. Experts suggest that rubbing at the same time can remove the grease and protein attached to the lenses more effectively, especially for those who wear the lenses for a long time or use the lenses for a long time.







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