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Beautiful Vision
Beautiful Vision...
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Company product features

The window of the soul is more beautiful because of the beauty of the contact lenses, and the care of the eyes requires more high-quality contact lenses:


Eyes are very precious and beautiful contact lenses


The quality and price are higher if it is two US dollars


beauty + quality


The company attaches great importance to the quality of beauty contact lenses. Because of this, the company RnD has specially designed all aspects of color contact lenses according to the physiological needs of human eye metabolism, and strictly screened the materials used.


Some key features of the product include:


1) The new invention patent technology is safer and more reliable

The new technology places the color in a controllable and permanent position according to the design, and the traditional technology simply puts the color layer in the middle of the two layers and causes the color instability.


2) Color from light to dark, either "light makeup" or bright "heavy makeup"

The color can be ever-changing according to the design, which is highly intuitive, rather than the traditional color translucent.


3) The color pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect

The surface color design is vivid and 3D, rather than the traditional flat (2D) feeling.


4) High water permeability, oxygen permeability, ion permeability and biocompatibility ensure eye health

Specially designed to meet the eye's requirements for water, ions, oxygen and biocompatibility.


5) Water gradient design ensures better wearing effect

The water gradient design of the overall beauty contact lens balances various requirements, thereby ensuring the quality of wearing.


6) Excellent pure material

Strict requirements from raw materials to finished products ensure wearing quality and health.


Product Series

Bright Eyes Connor Vision

Senshimei Meishiqian

At present, the main product series are daily and semi-annual:

1) Daily

Comfortable, clean and natural, designed for single use.

main indicators:

Water content: 55%

Base Arc: 8.6 + 0.2 mm

Diameter: 14.2 + 0.2 mm


2) Semi-annual toss

Comfortable and durable, with good quality lasting, designed for long-term use.

main indicators:

Water content: 38%

Base Arc: 8.6 + 0.2 mm

Diameter: 14.2 + 0.2 mm




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